Innovating the industry. Evolving our communities. Framing the future.



Our Mission

We are a team of experienced, global leaders who have come together for the purpose of improving building design and construction through innovative thinking, cutting-edge technology and radical process improvement.

Our progressive processes, products and performance are transforming construction on a prodigious scale. We know that making built projects more efficient, more sustainable and more reliable is a triple-win, because it benefits our industry, our environment and our communities.

And we’re just getting started.

Our Approach


NVO integrates the latest technologies into the building process to ensure the optimal quality, precision and output, resulting in faster, more accurate construction.


NVO harnesses cutting-edge technology and extensive data capture to optimize construction processes, coordination, control and reporting at every project phase and ensure maximum productivity through completion.


NVO designs all of our construction components to ensure compatibility and streamline on-site assembly, while still allowing our clients the ultimate flexibility to create unique and distinct construction projects.

Operational Innovation

Unlike other providers of our services, NVO’s complete framing solution includes integrated component design and manufacturing and on-site installation to meet the needs of your specific project. Doing this ensures our work and materials will be consistent, compatible and on-time, every time, with as little waste as possible.


NVO handles all of our materials, logistics and labor to help you minimize your costs, mitigate your risk and maximize efficiency and performance.