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NVO Framing

Framing is an early critical path activity in all major building projects and accounts for approximately 18-20% of every project budget. The US wood framing industry is currently a $23B market and steel framing is $11B market with no national market leaders.

Framing is losing productivity at a rate of nearly 3.5% annually, in large part due to the shortage of experienced framing labor. Solving the framing productivity problem, then, depends heavily on solving the framing labor issue. In light of the overall labor shortage and the disproportionate impact on construction and framing in particular, automation and innovation must be incorporated into the framing industry to achieve acceptable productivity.

NVO’s model is revolutionary for the category because it:

  • Concentrates on the framing process, including wall panels and trusses
  • Accommodates all common design standards and materials for single- and multi-family, light industrial, senior living, educational housing and more
  • Operates an onsite facility that eliminates cost and delays associated with transportation offsite manufacturing
  • Allows changes to be made by owner, engineers or inspectors in real-time, without major cost or time delays
  • Generates bids for full framing packages, including onsite installation by NVO framing affiliates

NVO Component Manufacturing

NVO’s 75,000 square foot manufacturing facility utilizes state-of-the-art automation to design and manufacture roof trusses, floor trusses and wall panels with exceptional speed, while ensuring incomparable precision and quality.

The NVO Advantage
  • NVO’s dedicated manufacturing facility ensures that customer projects are always supplied with necessary components – on-time and to specification.
  • Our highly experienced in-house component design team optimizes roof, floor and wall panel design to reduce cost and waste while improving quality and production.
  • Structural and architectural issues are resolved before projects begin, minimizing jobsite issues and delays.
  • Delivery/procurement automation of materials for just-in-time production.
  • Around the clock fabrication without production losses when adding shifts.
  • Quality assurance driven by technology.
  • Mobile tracking via app for all phases of construction process.
  • Onsite cameras and technology track and record all activity to support quality, analytics and reduce risk of claims.
  • Simplified and accurate billing based upon measurable, real-time percentage of completion.
NVO Roof Trusses
  • State-of-the-art truss assembly includes auto-pick integration and laser precision for truss layout
  • NVO engineers roof system to ensure that all loads are accurately tracked and minimize the need for interior bearing walls or support beams.
  • On-time installation enables faster frame dry-in times
NVO Floor Trusses
  • NVO designs floor trusses to provide greater span capability than dimensional lumber to improve efficiency of interior bearing walls.
  • Our open framing solution provides easy installation for HVAC, plumbing and electrical runs without field modifications and additional back framing costs
  • Nailing surfaces are built for easy floor deck installation.
NVO Wall Panels
  • Assembled in our fixed facility or, for longer-term projects, in our on-site temporary tent facility
  • Manufactured panels improve efficiency, reduce cost and speed up the construction process
  • Our automated process provides consistent quality, fit and finish
  • Walls built to spec for custom homes, standard apartments, low-income housing, student housing and other commercial applications.